Bushido information

Basic Kata

Ippon Kata The one without any arms! Ippon kata is learnt at white belt level to give the student an introduction to Kata and Stances

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General terms

  Karate dô – The way of the empty hand Karateka – Individual who practices the way of the empty hand Budô – The martial

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Parts of the Body

  Atama – Head Kasumi – Temple Hitai – Forehead Mimi – Ear Me – Eye Hana – Nose Ago – Jaw, chin Kami –

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Kicking Techniques

  Ashi barai – Foot sweep Fumikomi – Stamping kick Fumikiri – Cutting kick Mawashi geri – Roundhouse kick Ura Mawashi geri – Reverse side

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Striking Techniques

  Shutô uchi – Knife hand strike Keitô uchi – Chicken head wrist strike Kakutô uchi – Crane head strike Haishu uchi – Back hand

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Blocking Techniques

  Age uke – Rising block Morote age uke – Two-armed rising block Gasshô uke – Joined palm block (hands touching at wrists, fingers pointing

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  Waza – Technique Uke waza – Blocking techniques Tsuki waza – Punching techniques Uchi wasa – Striking techniques Keri waza – Kicking techniques Ken

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https://youtu.be/xRL-qcs0A44 Tachikata – Stance position Shizentai – Natural position Fudô dachi – Immoveable stance Hangetsu dachi – Half moon stance Heikô dachi – Parallel stance

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