Basic Kata

Ippon Kata

The one without any arms!

Ippon kata is learnt at white belt level to give the student an introduction to Kata and Stances

Nihon Kata

The one with two steps!

Nihon is taught at 9th Kyu to give an introduction into the turns and shape of a Heian series Kata

Heian Shodan

The one with the Hammer Fist!

The first of the Heian Katas. Used to teach forwards aggressive motion.  More details…


Heian Nidan

The that starts with a box shape!

The first half of Heian Nidan uses back-stance (Kokutsudatchi) to teach the Karate-ka to be defensive when needs, while the second half moves to Front Stance (Zenkutsudatchi) to teach the student how to take the opportunity to attack.  More details…

Heian Sandan

The one with the “up-down-block”!

Heian Sandan teaches the body to flow from a strong low stance, so that the Karate-ka may be both strong and immoveable and yet fast in moving from that position.  More details…

Heian Yondan

The one with the slow start!

Heian Yondan begins to bring everything together, with more kicks and more advanced steps to open the students mind ready for the senior grade Katas.  More details…

Heian Godan

The one with the jump!

Heian Godan incorporates eveything that has been learned in the series and can be seen as a short senior kata in itself.  More details…

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