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Resources & Information

An important part of the study of karate is access to the right information. The below links will provide you with everything that you need up to Brown Belt.


Instructors’ Training Programme

This section provides useful templates and examples for those working towards an Instructor or Assistant Instructor qualification.




There is very little equipment required for the practice of karate: so long as you have your body and some space to move then you can practice something. There are of course some items that are required in terms of being part of the club or for safety purposes, and other items that you may wish to own. We can recommend suppliers, but can usually source items more cheaply for you (the only items we will not supply are practice weapons, which we can give you the correct suppliers for).


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Club Grades

Its all about the experience and hierarchy within the dojo

There are no universal standards within martial arts and this has led to wide ranging debate around validity of belts and grades within groups.  

Within the Bushido Hombu dojo we have taken an approach that some would say goes against tradition, however in reality it is closer to how progression would have historically been viewed before the belt system was adopted (which is only just over 100 years ago).

“In Okinawa belt only for holding up trousers” – Mr Miyagi (the original Karate Kid movie)

We see each member as progressing on their own path of karate, with the belt purely signifying the stage at which they are at.  We do not therefore try to artificially tie a belt colour to a standard, instead we base it upon experience and effort.  Through perseverance and completing the number of hours official training, each grade is achieved.  If it is considered that appropriate effort has not been displayed within the dojo, the number of hours required to complete the next belt is increased to take account of this.  

Taking this approach means that our grades are relevant within our dojo and create a hierarchy to help all members progress, with a clear view of who to approach for assistance and advice.  This then aligns with our training plan (syllabus) to build martial artists who commit to the art and progress at their own pace.


Current Members’ Grades

Congratulations to those marked with * as having recently been promoted through completion of our requirements and consistent effort within our dojos.

12th Kyu

White Belt
  • Kira Archibald
  • Grace Hemming-Nash
  • Fraser Scott
  • Rowan Scott
  • Ralph Johnson
  • Toby Johnson

11th Kyu

White Belt – 1 black tag
  • Dominik Jura
  • Sebastian Sullivan
  • Violet McGrath
  • Bella Wilson

10th Kyu

White Belt – 2 black tags

9th Kyu

White & Orange Stripe Belt
  • Alfie Hemming-Nash
  • Huxley Din-Ross
  • Orange Belt
  • Kamron Archibald
  • Isaac Furr
  • Rohan Patel
  • Ben Mathew
  • Stanley Keverne
  • Matthew Wilson

8th Kyu

White & Red Stripe Belt
  • Luke Stratford
  • Red Belt
  • Tanya Navaro
  • Jackson Summers

7th Kyu

White & Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Weronika Jura
  • Yellow Belt
  • Agnieszka Jura
  • Thomas Davies 

6th Kyu

White & Green Stripe Belt
  • n/a
  • Green Belt
  • Rosie Cripps
  • Holly Cowan
  • Maxi Ansell

5th Kyu

White & Blue Stripe Belt
  • Hugo Redel
  • Blue Belt
  • Jensen Lee-Owen

4th Kyu

White & Purple Stripe Belt
  • n/a
Purple Belt
  • Matthew Lee

3rd Kyu

Brown Belt
  • Karly Archibald
  • Paulina Redel
  • Rhea Joshi
  • Lily Tan

2nd Kyu

Brown & White Stripe Belt
  • Paul Markowicz
  • Connor Lee-Owen
  • Gaurav Shiva
  • Dylan Musson 

1st Kyu

Brown & Red Stripe Belt
  • Maciej Redel
  • Nikolai Cherniaev
  • Mark Cripps
  • Hektor Redel 

Shodan-ho (Apprentice)

Black & White Stripe Belt
  • Ilyas Monadi


Black Belt
  • Jim Walsh
  • David Hellyer
  • Philip Taylor
  • Chris Bloomfield
  • Sarah Tan
  • Fiona Scrimgeour
  • Adam Graham
  • Jasper Walsh
  • Christina Fowler
  • Paul Furr
  • Helen Vaux
  • Stephen Papendorf


Black Belt
  • Dessi Walsh
  • Colin Archibald


Black Belt
  • Alex Owen


Black Belt
  • Joe Pletersky
  • Barrie Lowther