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Useful Documents

To enable the club to run as efficiently as possible we make all of the documents that you might need nice and easy to find, so all you need to do is select the document you need, download it then print it out… simples!!

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Resources & Information

An important part of the study of karate is access to the right information. The below links will provide you with everything that you need up to Brown Belt.


Instructors’ Training Programme

This section provides useful templates and examples for those working towards an Instructor or Assistant Instructor qualification.




There is very little equipment required for the practice of karate: so long as you have your body and some space to move then you can practice something. There are of course some items that are required in terms of being part of the club or for safety purposes, and other items that you may wish to own. We can recommend suppliers, but can usually source items more cheaply for you (the only items we will not supply are practice weapons, which we can give you the correct suppliers for).


Click here for the list.

Assessment/Grading Dates

Dojo Assessments for Beginner to 4th Kyu

All members of the Hombu dojo are required to attend these sessions, whether you believe you deserve to move up a grade or not. The purpose of the assessments is to align our dojo and therefore we assess you as a group rather than individuals. All members must attend with their grade record book, as without this no promotion will be awarded.

4th Kyu and above should be in attendance to assist with the running of the assessment and provide additional coaching and support for the members being assessed. Should the assessment be completed before the dojo closes there will be the opportunity either to study items that have been picked up during the assessment as needing additional attention, or run through a mock grading for your next belt.

The assessments will be held in our Wheatfields School Dojo at 6:30pm on the following dates:

2nd March 2020        29th June 2020        19th October 2020

We aim to complete all assessments up to 6th Kyu by 7:30pm, and the remainder of the grades by 8:30pm.


Brown Belt Official Gradings

All members of 4th Kyu and above are welcome to these grading sessions to enable group comparison, diversity of partners and most importantly increased levels of spirit and energy in the dojo. It is also a great opportunity to show support to your karate brothers and sisters! These sessions take 1-2 hours.

Participation will be varied and depend upon attendance and space within the dojo.

Gradings will be held in the Westminster Lodge Dojo on the following dates:

30th January 2020         28th May 2020        24th September 2020 


Well done to all those who attended on Monday 2 March for our quarterly dojo assessment. Many have been promoted to new grades/belts in order to ensure that the experience and abilities within the dojo set the hierarchy. Those marked with * have been promoted in this assessment.


Current Members’ Grades

10th Kyu

White Belt
  • n/a

9th Kyu

White & Orange Stripe Belt
  • Indiah Fusari*
  • Olivia Fusari*
  • Louis Hoogenboom*
  • Vincent Hoogenboom*
  • Filip Hotala*
  • Jemima Murphy*
  • Martha Richards*
Orange Belt
Pavlos Crawford
Grzegorz Hotala*
Victoria Pennington*
Suzanne Richards*
Sofia Tombazidou-Crawford

8th Kyu

White & Red Stripe Belt
  • n/a

Red Belt

  • Maxi Ansell*
  • Holly Cowan*

7th Kyu

White & Yellow Stripe Belt
  • n/a
Yellow Belt
  • Joel Arun*
  • Dima Corduneanu*
  • Arun George John

6th Kyu

White & Green Stripe Belt
  •  Rosie Cripps*
  • Jensen Lee-Owen*
  • Hugo Redel*
Green Belt
  • n/a

5th Kyu

White & Blue Stripe Belt
  • Tadi Fernando*
  • Harry McPartlin*
Blue Belt
Lily Tan*
Leo Wang*
Roger Wang*

4th Kyu

White & Purple Stripe Belt
  • Mati Markowicz*
Purple Belt
  • William Gee
  • Rhea Joshi*
  • Matthew Lee
  • Connor Lee-Owen
  • Dylan Musson
  • Paulina Redel

3rd Kyu

Brown Belt
  • Karly Archibald
  • Christina Fowler
  • Paul Markowicz
  • Leo Ortiz
  • Helen Redding
  • Hektor Redel
  • Gaurav Shiva

2nd Kyu

Brown & White Stripe Belt
  • Nikolai Cherniaev
  • Mark Cripps
  • Stephen Papendorf

1st Kyu

Brown & Red Stripe Belt
  • Colin Archibald
  • Chris Bloomfield
  • Adam Graham
  • Ilyas Monadi
  • Romy Ortiz
  • Maciej Redel
  • Fiona Scrimgeour
  • Sarah Tan
  • Philip Taylor
  • Jasper Walsh

Shodan-ho (Apprentice)

Black & White Stripe Belt
  • n/a


Black Belt
  • Barrie Lowther
  • Jim Walsh
  • Alex Owen
  • Dessi Walsh


Black Belt
  • n/a


Black Belt
  • Joe Pletersky