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Find out how martial arts can improve your mind, your body and your overall lifestyle with the Bushido Hombu

Whether you are looking for fitness, stress release, confidence or to build a new friendship group our mixture of available sessions and friendly club atmosphere will help you to achieve your goals

Our Sessions

Junior Core

Mondays 17:30


Goal: Fun while learning

Basic instruction and repetition of Kata, Kihon & Kumite along with team building games

Ages 5 – 13

Pure Karate

Thursdays 18:30

Goal: repetition to build capability 

Basic instruction and repetition of core karate, along with additional fitness drills

Ages 8 + (under 11s to train with an adult family member)

Pure Karate

Mondays 18:30

Goal: Technical improvement

In depth karate training, with technical investigation.  Advanced concepts are explored and taught

Ages 8 + (under 11s to train with an adult family member)

Martial Arts

Mondays 19:30


Goal: Testing yourself to build confidence

Sparring, self defence, spadework drills and bootcamp style fitness

Adults, advanced kyu grades and over 12s

How to Join

Before joining we require attendance at a trial session.  These allow you to see how we train and us to advise you on whether our sessions are aligned with your goals and ability.  

Within a trial, you will participate in a normal session and receive basic guidance and support. It is a great opportunity for you to try before you commit and there is no pressure to join, you may continue taking trial sessions until you are happy.

When you wish to join, it is then just a simple confirmation form and setting up of your direct debit.

Prices & Costs

We have several pricing plans to choose from, all of which give you unlimited access to train in any sessions (provided you meet the age and fitness criteria).  We do not aim to be the cheapest, but we do aim to be the best value!!


All sessions are run from the gymnasium at Wheatfields Junior School (AL4 9NT).  The gym has changing rooms, a waiting area, outside space for training in good weather and a sprung sports floor ideal for bare-foot training.  

Access is via the playground gate near Runcie Close, with the door to the right of the gym (lower playground) open 10 mins before each session.

There is no parking at the venue, so please use Runcie Close or the Ridgeway.

About Us


We share our martial arts training in order to help people achieve their personal goals, whether they be increased fitness, improved confidence, greater levels of concentration, improved discipline, to gain an increased level of personal safety or for the love of the art.

At Bushido Hombu we are not affiliated to any other organisation, nor do we follow a mainstream style (ryu).  Our senior instructors have received a majority of their training in Shotokan and Krav Maga but have enhanced this with many training methods, concepts and kata from other styles.

We aim to constantly evolve our understanding of karate through training both within our group and other traditional groups. This enables us to gain better understanding of the original training methods and ensures we are not losing the essence of the art that we practice. In line with our ethos we train in the traditional values and methods, but in an environment befitting to our modern western lifestyles.  

We do not follow dogma, nor force members to take on the presumed ways of a Japanese samurai, instead we help you to achieve your goals by guiding you along your karate path rather than being an oppressive figurehead. This means our classes may appear to be of a more relaxed nature, however the levels of respect are maintained in line with the traditions of karate. 

Those who achieve higher grades will receive more information and education of these aspects of Japanese Dojos to enable them to attend courses and events hosted by other groups.

Overall we are about training in karate and making it enjoyable while achieving results.

what our members say...

Great family friendly club, that teaches you the right way. Not for profit which means its run for the love of Karate and not as a money making scheme.......very refreshing. Kevin strikes the right balance between making training fun, learning the martial arts and discipline. All the right ingredients to make for a fantastic club.
Adrian V
Great people who love what they do. Sharing their passion with others. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Instructors have years of experience. Kevin and Joe will get your training where it needs to be. And they can tailor fit workouts and skill level to fit you. Get in there. Surprise yourself.... !
Tony H
My son joined the club as he had suffered enormously with bullying at his school, and we wanted him to rebuild his confidence. After 14 months my son is a green belt, but more importantly, he is happier and feeling more positive. Because of this I decided like many of the parents rather than just sitting there and waiting for the class to end I have joined the club, and signed up the two younger brothers.
Sonal G
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