Important Information

We are now reopening our dojos with an interim timetable.  If you would like to join us for a free trial that extends to 30th June please email us at to reserve a space or be added to our waiting list.

Price Plans

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With the exception of Trial Sessions, all above prices are based upon payment by monthly direct debit.  Payments will be taken on the 1st of each month and are payable 12 months of the year throughout membership, regardless of attendance.

Trial sessions are payable in cash to the class instructor before the session commences.

Please see our terms and conditions

Joining Fees

Once the joining fee has been paid you will be liable for no further trial session fees.  

Karate + Krav Maga

£ 65
  • Karate Suit + BFS T-shirt
  • 2 x Grading Books
  • Syllabus + Registration

Karate Only

£ 35
  • Karate Suit
  • Grading Book
  • Syllabus + Registration

Krav Maga Only

£ 35
  • BFS T-shirt
  • Grading Book
  • Registration

Yogic Arts

  • No joining fee applicable
  • Bring your own mat
  • Bring your energy

Clothing, record books and syllabi are supplied provided as part of the joining fee and will therefore only be supplied where membership is continued.  Joining fees are non-refundable.

We will advise on size and expected shrinkage of clothing, so provided accurate information is supplied regarding height we are confident the size will be correct.

Grading record books will only be supplied once your first grade has been achieved, there will be no refund of joining fees (partial or full) in regard to record books that have not been issued, should membership cease before a successful grade promotion has been achieved.  Grading record books remain the property of the association.

In-house Seminars and Courses

Equipment Price List