Tachikata – Stance position

Shizentai – Natural position

Fudô dachi – Immoveable stance

Hangetsu dachi – Half moon stance

Heikô dachi – Parallel stance

Heisoku dachi – Feet together stance

Kata hiza dachi – One knee stance

Kiba dachi – Straddle stance

Kôkutsu dachi – Back stance

Kôsa dachi – Cross-legged stance

Musubi dachi – United stance

Sanchin dachi – Hour-glass stance

Shiko dachi – Square stance

Sôchin dachi – Strong-calm stance

Tachi Hiza – Standing knee

Zenkutsu dachi – Front stance

Kata ashi dachi – One-leg stance

Neko ashi dachi – Cat-foot stance

Tsuru ashi dachi – Crane foot stance

Re no ji dachi – L stance

Tei no ji dachi – T stance


N.B. Diagrams of stances can be found in the Bushido Hombu Karate Syllabus



Jiyû gamae – Free fighting position

Yoko gamae – Sideways position

Hanmi – Half body (hips open)

Gyaku hanmi – Reverse half body (hips twisted)


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