David – Hombu Member

Teaching takes place in a relaxed but controlled environment where all students can train safely and develop their confidence, technique and fitness.

Sensei Kevin puts the development and needs of every member of the club first, he is always supporting members in every aspect of their training and goes out of his way to encourage additional learning and development for all of his students.

There are always additional learning opportunities for every level of member including discussion sessions, training courses and monthly seminars.

Kevin utilises a dynamic teaching style which looks to modify and adapt techniques for individuals to ensure they work regardless of ability, age or fitness levels whilst ensuring they stay within the framework of Karate.  He always explains techniques thoroughly and  encourages discussion.

Having trained at Bushido Hombu for over 7 years, I can wholeheartedly endorse, the Bushido Hombu Association, Bushido Hombu club and Sensei Kevin, I believe there is no better training environment for anyone who wants to begin to learn karate, continue their current training or return after a period of time away from training.