Ashley – Peer (A leading Shotokan Association Chief Instructor)

I have known Kevin Archibald for nearly 20 years now and I would say he is a balanced, intelligent and well rounded Karate practitioner and Teacher. He has solid roots in a well respected Karate background going back to his Childhood. In 1996 I trained extensively with Kevin in Luton, at the Japan Karate Association United Kingdom. At this time he was a Black Belt Instructor, with his own club teaching Shotokan Karate.

Kevin is very knowledgeable in his Karate and very patient and understanding as an Instructor with a ‘more than capable’ set of physical attributes to match. He is of a trustworthy and honourable character and is well respected in his community and amongst his Seniors and Peers. He continues to selflessly pursue his love for Martial Arts, sharing without a second thought the knowledge that he has gained over many, many years. At every opportunity he offers help to others including myself and it is with great pride that I write this reference.

As 5th Dan Karate Instructor and International  Director of a well respected Karate Organisation I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Archibald for a high level of accreditation.