Kevin (Yanagi – the willow)

Chief Instructor & Founder



As Chief Instructor and Founder of the BMAA, Kevin is responsible for the vision and intentions of the organisation.

Along with ensuring the safety of all members, support for all instructors and running classes and seminars, it is also Kevin’s role to ensure the organisation is heading in the right direction.  The standard of instruction and consistency within the association are Kevin’s highest priorities, these aspects are what set us apart from others and ensure all members have the opportunity to get the best out of themselves.

The Yanagi-do path of karate is based upon Kevin’s interpretation of karate, which is a culmination of his experience of karate which has lasted almost all of his lifetime (having started in the mid 1980s).  Kevin is an all rounder when it comes to his martial art obsession, believing equally in the aspects or healing, spiritual wellbeing and practical usage of the martial arts.  This is shown by his experience and passion for the wide range of his study, specifically including Yoga and Krav Maga… which he sees as being sub categories of the overall concept of Karate-do.