How long will it take to get to Black Belt?

The answer to this is, “How much time and effort are you prepared to put in?”.

Our approach to karate centres around the only thing that is important is… training in Karate.  Therefore we see our primary role as being to motivate you to get into the dojo and train.

We also know that it is a pretty simple algorithm in that: time trained + effort + quality of instruction = standard.

Therefore we do not over complicate things by holding “examinations” and slowing people down by failing them, instead if you train consistently and put the effort in, then you will progress through the belts.  There are a defined number of hours in the dojo that enable you to wear the black belt, which signifies the start of your karate education (everything before black belt is preparation).  The number of hours depends upon age, so it is best to ask your instructor what your personal timeline is.