About us


At Bushido Hombu we offer over 30 years of knowledge and experience in Karate. Memberships are available for clubs, instructors, and individuals…


Our venues


We hold sessions in several areas in and around St Albans. Whether you are looking for a club at your local school, or conveniently situated at your leisure centre so that you can enjoy a class or swim while your child trains with us, we hope that one of our sessions will fit your needs.

If you own/run a venue that would be interested in hosting a course or working with us to bring a class to another area by renting your space, please contact us to discuss.


Joining information


There are a number of questions to be considered before taking the step of joining a martial arts club.  We aim to make everything as simple and transparent as possible.

If the above all lives up to what you wanted and you would like to attend a session, please print and complete the following forms and come along with them.


Members Area


An important part of the study of karate is access to the right information.  The below links will provide you with everything that you need up to Brown Belt.

There is very little equipment required for the practice of karate, so long as you have your body and some space to move then you can practice something.  There are of course some items that are required in terms of being part of the club or for safety purposes, and other items that you may wish to own.  We can recommend suppliers, but can usually source items more cheaply for you (the only items we will not supply are practice weapons, which we can give you the correct suppliers for).