The Twenty Precepts of Gichin Funakoshi – No. 7

‘Accidents arise from negligence/ Calamity springs from carelessness’

This precept is very straightforward and means exactly what it says. Sloppiness can undo preparation; carelessness leads to accidents; negligence is followed by disaster. When in the dojo or outside of it always examine your actions, think about cause and effect then be cautious in how you do things. Whether you’re in the car, walking in town or in front of a fellow karate practitioner, think about what you are doing and how that may affect you as well as others.  Too many times our minds wander and we do things on autopilot. If you are not in the moment; if you are not thinking about what you are doing and why then how will you see where your actions are leading and avoid a mishap? Sometimes carelessness is also synonymous with laziness.  Put effort into your stances and techniques; push yourself to get better and study to gain understanding. The calamity in not putting in your full effort is that your standard does not get better and you do not advance whether that be in grades, physical skill or mental ability. Do not neglect yourself for comfort and ease. Work a hundred times harder for what you want and it will be worth a hundred times more when you have achieved it. By Karly West

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