The Twenty Precepts of Gichin Funakoshi – No. 16

‘When you leave home, think that you have numerous opponents waiting for you.  It is your behaviour that invites trouble from them’

There is an old proverb, ‘When a man crosses his threshold, he has seven enemies.’  Obviously it’s not actually seven

, but the idea holds true. When you leave your house, you are entering the big world where anything can happen – good or bad. Your attitude and behaviour decide what is going to happen.

The consequences of being ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ are diminished if you are mentally alert, make the right choices, stay calm, think rationally, and are in peak physical form. Negligence is the real enemy. If you neglect yourself physically and mentally, you will invite trouble and troublemakers. Stay alert and anticipate problems. Always have a plan b and avoid trouble wherever possible.

By Karly West

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