The Twenty Precepts of Gichin Funakoshi – No. 15

‘Think of your hands and feet as swords’

In a fight, your hands and feet should move just as if they were blades to cut your enemy. Your techniques should be sharp and powerful.

They should flow and thrust, mimicking the grace and precision of a sword.

If your hands and feet were swords, you wouldn’t shy away from the discomfort of impacting your opponent’s body because you wouldn’t feel any pain.  There would also not be any fear of your hands and feet getting close to your opponent as they wouldn’t be hurt.  This is how you must fight.

A sword flows in a straight line with every swing in the most efficient way.  This is how your movements should be.  They must take the most direct route to your target, strongly and without hesitation.

Focus on the direction your arms and legs are travelling and ending up during your techniques, not on where your swords (hands and feet) are going.

By Karly West

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