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We understand that all are different and people come to martial arts for different reasons or achieve different goals.  For this reason we have created a club that packages what we teach into individual aspects, a menu from which you can experience the full “Yanagi-do” experience or become a specialist in a particular aspect.  Some will require low contact fitness or to study an art, while there will be others who wish to test themselves physically against others and gain a self defence skillset… there will also be many who wish to achieve all of this!

Fundamental Karate

The way of the empty hand is taught across the world, in a variety of different ways.  There are key features that align certain training methods and practices to specifically named arts, and we are no different to this.  Our fundamental Karate is broken down into 3 key sessions; Kids, Basic and Advanced.


We concentrate upon Shotokan basics and kata to ensure a good grounding in martial arts movements.  There are a number of games and exercises derived from a number of sources in order to best prepare our members’ minds and bodies for a lifetime of martial arts.

The key to this session is fun and enjoyment as we know that kids will only give it their all if they are content.  

In any club the kids class provides the future members of the later sessions, therefore we foster our younger members to help them see all sides of martial arts training.  It is important that they develop a level of discipline and patience to allow them to progress safely into adult sessions.


This session focuses upon Kata, Kihon and Kumite derived from the Shotokan style of karate.  The training follows a familiar pattern using the Heian katas as a spine, from which the basic movements and concepts are learnt. 

In addition, there are is a lot of yogic and other exercise incorporated into the training to help with physical development and fitness.

The key to this session is repetition.  Like anything, the repetition of good things performed in the right way will lead to familiarity and conditioning.  This prepares our members for our advances sessions and we see many advanced members still attending the basic session so as to maintain their standard through the benefits this training brings.


The focus of this session is technical instruction.  Therefore members can expect a mixture of seminar style sessions to increase knowledge and high intensity drill sessions to ensure the required fitness levels are maintained. The advanced sessions are there to improve understanding and growth of our members’ ability and knowledge of both the core Shotokan perspective of karate, but also to widen their knowledge to practices of other martial arts and complimentary training methods.

These sessions therefore move into the conceptual space where physical and academic aspects of karate are explored without the boundaries of “style” or system.  We continue to utilise kata as a source of data, but practice and study it through different lenses of combat and origins.  We concentrate upon kata that are used in multiple styles and have a long history, so that we can utilise them as tools for exploration of movement and combat strategy.  For example:

     – Tekki (Naihanchi) series are used for strength, rooting and mobilisation of the top half of the body… with a viewpoint of protecting someone else

     – Bassai (Passai) is used to promote explosive entry into a combat situation, promoting strength and dynamics

Although Kata is key to our advanced sessions we We also incorporate kihon drills, using combinations to challenge the body.  These both promote fitness and body control, while also educating our members on what makes a good combination of movement versus inefficient use, which can then translate into sparring and self defence.

Fixed move sparring (kumite) is an extension of kata, allowing us to explore and develop not only our own movement, but also that of our partner/opponent as an additional dimension.


Having taught over 400 people, we understand that all have differing goals and while our Fundamental Karate sessions may satisfy those who wish to learn and work towards the perfection of an art, or give the physical fitness gains they require… there will be others who see the Impact session as the pinnacle of what we offer!!

The Impact sessions are derived from a number of combat arts and systems, but predominantly follow a Krav Maga syllabus.  The intention of the sessions are to:

– Allow those who partake in Fundamental Karate sessions the opportunity to test their training and push the boundaries of technique even further

– Provide a simple proven approach to self defence, whether you train in other sessions or come to Impact as a complete novice

– Create a bond with other members that can only be achieved through the trust required when practicing physical combat

How do we do this?

We run the session with 3 experienced instructors who all have a common goal of teaching what works and getting you fit-to-fight.  Sessions will involve boxing drills, kickboxing drills, mitt-work, punch-bags, sparring, Krav Maga self defence drills, circuit training, …. and most importantly stress response training.

In these sessions you will be pushed, prepared and improved!

Training is bare-foot, and in comfortable practical clothing such as shorts and t-shirt. 

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