Heian Sandan

“Peaceful Mind Number Three”

The third kata in the Heian series is noted for the introduction of a very strong side stance known as kiba-dachi (horse riding stance). Also introduced for the first time is the students requirement to perform a simultaneous two handed combination block; gedan-barai (lower level sweeping block) and chudan-uchi-uke (inside outward block), both of which are performed on the second and fourth movements of this kata. Other new hand techniques introduced are; chudan-haishu-uke (middle level back hand block) and jodan-mawashi-zuki (upper level hook punch). One of the more difficult elements of Heian Sandan occurs coming back down the “I” of the embusen (line of attack), where the student is required to perform a series of movements in kiba-dachi (horse riding stance) while simultaneously blocking and striking. The intention of this kata is to build strength and teach you to move at speed from one strong stance to another.  This knowledge of weight transference is required for the remaining kata in the series. This kata contains 23 movements and should take the student approximately 40 seconds to complete.
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