Heian Nidan

“Peaceful Mind Number Two”

The second kata in the Heian series requires the student for the first time to perform kicks in their kata.  In this instance there are two kicking techniques, a yoko-geri-keage (side snapping kick) and a chudan-mae-geri (middle level front kick).  In addition, several new hand techniques are also introduced. They are chudan-uraken (middle level back fist), chudan-nukite-zuki (middle level spear hand strike), chudan-gyaku-zuki (middle level reverse punch) and an augmented/supported technique morote-uchi-uke (supported inside forearm block). As briefly mentioned in the write up on Heian Shodan, this was originally the first kata of the series.  It is important to note the usage of back-stance and the defensive nature of this kata.  Most of the techniques are still conducted while moving forwards, but they are instigated by a defensive movement and the steps forward encourage you to gain access inside the attacks of your opponent rather than powering through (as in Heian Shodan). This kata contains 26 movements and should take the student approximately 40 seconds to complete.
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