Heian Godan

“Peaceful Mind Number Five”

The fifth and final kata in the Heian series, encapsulates all concepts of the previous kata and is the gateway to begin performing the more advanced kata.  This kata is without a doubt the most popular of all the Heian series. Amongst other things, Heian Godan is noted for the introduction of a jump from one facing position to another, a new kicking technique: chudan-mika-zuki-geri (middle level inside crescent kick), two new hand techniques: chudan-mawashi-zuki (middle level round house punch) and jodan-shuto-juji-uke (upper level open hand X block).

The final aspect of movement that is brought in through this kata is twisting and changing in direction, this kata does not follow the standard “I” pattern that the other Heian kata do, instead there is some toing and froing along the central embusen to demonstrate your ability to switch directions to deal with new threats.

These kata can be seen as the basis for your karate practice, much as sun salutations are used in yoga.  They can form your warm up, your fitness regime and your workbench for perfecting techniques.  Through dedicated practice of all 5 kata, the karate-ka should attain the peaceful mind specifically when shutting the world out of your mind during focused practice.

This kata contains 25 movements and should take the student approximately 45 seconds to complete.

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