Karate is a CAKE!

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The ingredients and body movements, when you mix the ingredients together they become techniques.

You need to add the moisture to the mixture, this is the SPIRIT. You can think of it as blood, sweat and tears. If we call for more spirit then send more blood pumping around the body to the muscles fill your body and get the sweat going!!

Next it needs to be baked, the baking is your training. Not baking for long enough means you are not or have not trained enough.

If your cake (our karate) comes out crumbly, stiff and rigid then there was not enough liquid… not enough spirit to make it fluid and natural.

If your cake (your karate) is sloppy, moist and lacking substance then it has not been baked enough, you need MORE TRAINING.

If it comes out perfect… then there is always the ICING TO PUT ON THE CAKE!!! Always more you can do… think of a 7 tier wedding cake!!

by Kevin Archibald


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