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Chief Instructor & Founder

Kevin’s life-long passion for martial arts began when his parents took him to the local Shotokan club to see if it would help with his confidence and health issues.

40 years later Kevin leads this group, always looking to evolve the club and what we teach, while retaining the key aspects of traditional training.

Kevin pushes himself and the members to achieve full potential and strive for individual goals, rather than looking to create a fixed system of training that dismisses an individual’s wishes.


Impact Instructor

Joe has been training since the late 70s and has a wealth of experience in traditional Shotokan, competition karate and Krav Maga.

Now in his 60s, Joe pushes himself to be in the best shape of his life and helps others achieve the same.  He is passionate about the practical and functional side of martial arts and excels at teaching only what works in a real conflict situation.  

No matter your age or capability, when you attend a class Joe teaches you will be pushed to your limit and make great gains.


Karate Instructor

Alex comes from a strong background of Chinese arts having spent time training in the Shaolin temple in his 20s.  

Alex (a practicing Acupuncturist/ Chinese herbalist) blends his knowledge with the Japanese arts to provide a truly unique approach to Karate training.

Attending his sessions gives you a detailed understanding of movement, and in our opinion provides an experience closer to pre-Japanese karate than you will get anywhere else. 


Karate Instructor

Chrissie is a long standing member of the club having also trained alongside Kevin in yoga and pilates sessions.

With a particular interest in yoga, Chrissie approaches karate with a self improvement focus, always pushing herself outside of her comfort zone and looking to improve her technical knowledge and physical ability.  As such, Chrissie has never chased belts or relished in the success of competition, seeing them as a by-product of training hare… making her a true example of the ethos we wish to foster at Bushido.


Karate Instructor

Additionally our Club Safeguarding Officer, Helen has been a member of the club since 2016 and an Instructor since 2022. 

She came to karate late at the age of 40 and what started out as a hobby has become a habit. What Helen loves about karate is that there is no need to compete with other people, there’s nothing to win, but it’s a real personal challenge both mentally and physically. Helen sees Karate as an amazing way to clear the mind and focus on something other than what’s going on in the outside world. 


Impact Instructor

David is one of the longest standing members of the club.  Having gained experience in all aspects of Karate that we study, along with extensive hours of gym and pilates training with Kevin, David now focuses his efforts on the Impact side of what we teach.

With a demanding job that requires a lot of travel, David sets a great example to the club with his consistent training and motivation to make it to our sessions around his family and work commitments.

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