Joining Form

Only to be completed following a successful trial session

The below form must be completed as part of the full joining process and forms our contract.

All details are of the proposed member so a parent or guardian must input for under 16s (if you are a family, please submit one form for each of you).

Joining fees are per person and payable by direct debit upon joining.

If you have not previously supplied a Trial Membership Form, then please do this by clicking on the following link

Please ensure all fields are completed as failure to populate any item may result in delay to your completed membership application.

Membership Commitment

As a member of our club we assume that we all have the goal of enjoying the lifestyle that martial arts can bring.  As such, to ensure a harmonious training experience we must all be prepared to commit to some common expectations.  We therefore require you to commit to the following behaviours upon joining:

  1. You must want to improve
  2. Try everything you are asked to do
  3. Show respect to everyone in the club
  4. Be someone that others can trust
  5. Help those less capable
  6. You must never injure someone during training

The Form

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