Class Write Up – 17/02/2013 – Monthly Seminar

Class Attended: Jersey Farm Community Centre, Monthly Seminar

Instructor: Kevin Archibald

Date: 17 Feb 13

Subjects covered:  History of the Bo staff, ways to hold it and the kata ‘Kanazawa No Bo Sho’.

Drills used:

Basics as above up and down the room, partner work punching jodan and chudan and learning Basai Dai.

How I would teach or improve in my class:

I would not have taught this class differently.  The pace was fast enough not to get bored doing the same piece of kata over and over, but slow enough that it was easy to learn the moves and not fall behind.  There was also ample time to ask questions about any moves not understood and plenty of independent practice time.  The session was paced correctly given that we had 2 hours.

Intended Outcome of session and was it achieved?

The intended outcome was to gain an overview of the weapon and gain a basic understanding of the kata, many attendees had not used one before therefore at first sight this was ambitious.  The intention was, however, definitely achieved as everyone could perform the kata individually at the end of the session to a high standard and all seemed to easily hold and move fluidly with their staffs (as shown in the video below).

Write-up by Karly West


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