Monthly Update – October 2021

Welcome to October!!


I’m sure everyone is now starting to feel like they are in a normal rhythm of life, I certainly am.  We are however seeing the effects of the covid situation still, not only through cases but also from the onset of normal cold symptoms meaning many of us have had to then isolate while waiting for test results.  I think we can expect this to cause a bit of an impact on attendance over the winter.

We certainly started the month with very strong attendance (and I was more worried about overcrowding) however illness, work pressures and school visits have seen a pretty low attendance over the last few weeks.  I would encourage all to get back in the swing of things before the comfort of sitting in front of the TV begins to be more appealing than actually achieving something with your time in the dojo.

Speaking fo which, we have some significant promotions this month, so with effect 1st October I can announce the following new levels:

Grade Promotions

I am very happy to announce the following grade promotions, effective 1st September 2021:

  • Luke Stratford – 9th kyu orange/white belt
  • Rhea Joshi – 3rd kyu brown belt
  • Chrissie Fowler – 1st Kyu brown/red belt
  • Helen Vaux – 1st Kyu brown/red belt

Well done to all, especially the brown belts.  Chrissie/Helen… that’s now your last promotion before Black Belt!!


While on announcements, we have the following members who have birthdays in October… so happy birthday from all of us:

  • Rohan P
  • Lucas H
  • Joel A
  • Arun G
  • Emma C
  • Paul F
  • Lisa B


Staying Safe

Just as a reminder, please continue to use the following precautions:

  1. Do not attend if you are unwell, this includes any illness but specifically if you have any of the known covid symptoms
  2. Wash hands before entering the dojo
  3. Use the sanitiser to clean any equipment used
  4. One partner or group of 3/4 per session
  5. Limit close social interaction within the dojo
  6. Notify me immediately should you test positive within 7 days of attending a session 

Also, as it is now dark and wet, please ensure that all members who are under the age of 14 are picked up from inside the corridor next to the gym.  We will not allow them to leave the building without you being there, as my responsibility for safety only hands over when I see them with you… and with dark nights and a wet carpark I am not willing to take any risk.


Thank you to all for your continued support