Monthly Update – March 2022

Welcome to March!!

Finally I can write a monthly update where I do not need to talk about COVID restrictions… well apart from pointing out that we no longer need them!!  We will be continuing to ensure a safe, healthy and hygienic environment (as we always have) and also be asking you to continue to stay at home if you are unwell.  From nearly 40 years of training I can honestly say that a coughs and colds are not welcome training partners in a dojo!!

On the 23rd March all adults are welcome to take advantage of the great opportunity of training under ICCS Krav Maga legend, Tony Harwood. We have hosted Tony many times and he always brings not only a wealth of knowledge but also a comical and enjoyable approach to training.  All who have trained with him in the past will attest to the fact you should not miss out.  Normally these courses occur over a weekend at a subsidised price of around £75 (in itself a bargain), however this time as we are all conscious of the effects of COVID, we are hosting him for 2 hours from 7:30pm for the minimal cost of £20.  Please let me know if you intend on attending as space will be limited in the Wheatfields gym.

Another date for diaries is the 16th March.  I will be taking a group of Scouts through a training session that will mix karate and Krav Maga at the Scout Hut on Watford Road in Chiswell Green.  I will need some volunteers to come and assist plus perform some demos, so if you are available then please let me know.  We often do these as part of our community duty.

Grade Promotions

Its a big month for new belts and I am very happy to announce the following promotions, effective 1st March 2022:

  • Seb Sullivan- 11 kyu (white belt 1 tag) A
  • Dominik Jura – 11 kyu (white belt 1 tag) A
  • Kamron Archibald – 9 kyu apprentice (orange/white belt) C
  • Rohan Gainley – 9 kyu apprentice (orange/white belt) C
  • Rohan Patel – 9 kyu (orange belt) B 
  • Stanley Keverne – 9 kyu (orange belt) B
  • Ben Mathew – 9 kyu (orange belt) B
  • Phil Gainley – 9 kyu (orange belt) B
  • Amos Mkanganwi – 8 kyu apprentice (red/white belt) C 
  • Thomas Davies – 8 kyu (red belt) A
  • Tanya Navarro – 8 kyu (red belt) A
  • Weronica Jura – 7 kyu apprentice (yellow/white belt) C
  • Agnieszka Jura – 7 kyu (yellow belt) B
  • Holly Cowan – 6 kyu (green belt) A
  • Maxi Ansell – 6 kyu (green belt) B
  • Mark Cripps – 1 kyu (brown/red belt) 
  • Stephen Papendorf – 1 dan (black belt) 
  • Helen Vaux – 1 dan (black belt) 

Well done to all, especially the Helen and Steve who have proven themselves over a number of years training with me.

With regards to belts, we unfortunately need to remove the formal recycling of belts.  Unfortunately the number of belts we must store to support this initiative and the time taken to administer is not sustainable.  I will therefore be giving belts when we have them in stock for promotions, but when we do not you will need to purchase your own.  These can be purchased very cheaply from either of the suppliers listed below, or of course Ebay and Amazon.

Obviously we encourage all to swap with other members where possible as we still believe in the benefits of exchanging them. 


While on announcements, we have the following members who have birthdays in March… so happy birthday from all of us:

  • ME!! (Kevin A)
  • Adam G
  • Bertie H
  • Stephanie C
  • Ben M
  • Huxley D

Purchasing Equipment and Uniforms (Gi)

As previously announced, going forwards we will no longer be supplying goods.  This has been something we have done for the past 10 years and unfortunately the time we have to expend in organising this outweighs the benefit to the club.  Instead I will provide below the links for 2 of the best suppliers in the UK, these will also be added to the members area of our website when I next update it. – this was our main supplier of basic items, and when ordering from them you can also request printing of our logo at extra cost (this is however not a requirement from us). – this is a premium supplier and is recommended for heavy weight suits and advanced items for higher grades 

Should you ever need any advice we are obviously available to help out.


As always, thank you to all for your continued support and training hard