Monthly Update – June 2022

Welcome to June and happy Jubilee to all!!

I’m not going to be posting these every month as sometimes there is not the content to warrant it, therefore it is likely to be every other month as this is the cadence that I will be giving promotions going forwards.  If there are a number of people deserving in between posts then I will of course make an additional announcement.

Grade Promotions

This month I am happy to announce the following promotions, effective 1st April 2022:

  • Bella Wilson – 11 kyu (white belt 1 tag) A
  • Alfie Hemming-Nash – 9 kyu apprentice (Orange/white belt) C
  • Kamron Archibald – 9 kyu (Orange belt) A
  • Isaac Furr – 9 kyu (Orange belt) A
  • Huxley Din-Ross – 9 kyu apprentice (Orange/white belt) C
  • Matt Wilson – 9 kyu (Orange belt) B
  • Jackson Summers – 8 kyu (red belt) A
  • Luke Stratford – 8 kyu apprentice (red/white belt) C
  • Thomas Davies – 7 kyu (yellow belt) A
  • Dylan Musson – 2 kyu (brown/white belt) A

Please check your grades on our members page:

If you email me at with your belt size and the colour you need I will bring one if for you on Monday 6th and Thursday 9th June (if I have one the right size).  Otherwise the expectation is that you purchase your own belts.  Also please bring your record book (if you have one) on those days and we will stamp and return the following week.

I will not be bringing in belts or performing grade admin past the first week of the month.


As always, thank you to all for your continued support and training hard