Monthly Update – December 2021

Welcome to December!!

I’m looking forward to the closure of this year and the opportunities that will hopefully come in a more normal 2022…. its just a few more weeks to get through!! So planning has already begun for Christmas, and I am hoping you are all doing the same.

We will be holding a special session on our last night of the year (Monday 20th Dec) and it would be great if all could be there from 6:30.   There will be a small Kata Competition with prizes and some announcements, celebrations (including a significant promotion that I am not yet announcing below).  

Grade Promotions

I am very happy to announce the following grade promotions, effective 1st December 2021:

  • Luke Stratford – 9th Kyu orange belt (B)
  • Tanya Navaro – 9th Kyu orange belt (A)
  • Amos Mkanganwi – 9th Kyu orange belt (A)
  • Thomas Davies – 9th Kyu orange belt (A)
  • Ilyas Monadi – Shodan-Ho black/white belt

Well done to all, especially the Ilyas who now has the opportunity to prove himself over the next 12 months as an apprentice black belt, before being awarded the full black belt rank.


While on announcements, we have the following members who have birthdays in December… so happy birthday from all of us:

  • Sensei Dessi W
  • Tanya N
  • Ian G
  • Jon W
  • Jackson S

Purchasing Equipment and Uniforms (Gi)

As previously announced, going forwards we will no longer be supplying goods.  This has been something we have done for the past 10 years and unfortunately the time we have to expend in organising this outweighs the benefit to the club.  Instead I will provide below the links for 2 of the best suppliers in the UK, these will also be added to the members area of our website when I next update it. – this was our main supplier of basic items, and when ordering from them you can also request printing of our logo at extra cost (this is however not a requirement from us). – this is a premium supplier and is recommended for heavy weight suits and advanced items for higher grades 

Should you ever need any advice we are obviously available to help out.

2022 Fees

Please look out over the coming days for emails from GoCardless that will advise you of being moved onto our 2022 plans, ready for January.  As a reminder, for 2022 our membership prices will be :

  • Student Plan – £27
  • Standard Plan – £37
  • Family Plan – £22
  • Discounted Plan – £27

All of the above are per person per month.  Please see full pricing here

Thank you to all for your continued support