Monthly Update – April 2022

Welcome to April!!

You will be glad to hear this is not only a shorter update than last month, but also is coming out too late to contain any April fools pranks, so rest assured what you read is true.

Thanks to all those who attended the Krav Maga seminar with Tony, I hope you gained from the experience and enjoyed it.  I am planning on running a two hour Krav Seminar towards the end of the month (to be held on a Wednesday and will be free to all members over 14.

Grade Promotions

After such a large number of promotions last month, I am glad there are less in April.  If you still do not have your new belt then I will be bringing them again on Monday 4th April (after that I am afraid you will have to wait until after Easter or source your own).  I am very happy to announce the following promotions, effective 1st April 2022:

  • Violet McGrath – 11 kyu (white belt 1 tag) A
  • Isaac Furr – 9 kyu apprentice (orange/white belt) C
  • Hektor Redel – 1 kyu (brown/red belt)

Well done to all, especially the Hektor who has shown more patience and perseverance over the years than any member in the history of the club, so well done on now being only 1 step away from a Shodan grade! 


We have the following members who have birthdays in April… so happy birthday from all of us:

  • Stephen P
  • Leon M
  • Greg P
  • Kira A
  • Nikolai C
  • Dylan M
  • Lily T
  • Sarah T
  • Sensei Joe P
  • Matt L
  • Phil T
  • Paul M


As always, thank you to all for your continued support and training hard