Meet Our Instructors

  • Maciej Redel

    Assistant Instructor


    Maciej (aka ‘Mac’) joined Bushido’s Hombu dojo back in January 2015 as a martial arts beginner. His initial goal upon joining was to use Kata as moving meditation in order to de-stress after full day of work. However, after spending more time in the dojo he has discovered other aspects of karate. These days Kumite and Bunkai are his favourite parts of karate, “learning Bunkai techniques allows me to understand original applications of Kata moves in a self-defence situation; in Kumite I can put into practical use my karate knowledge”.

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  • Clare Hemming-Nash

    Child Welfare Officer

    Clare Hemming-Nash is a former Assistant Head at a local primary school, always having worked in challenging areas and schools.  She is therefore no stranger to welfare issues and fully understands best practice.

    Although Bushido Hombu have never experienced any issues, it is our intent to always ensure that our members are safe in all aspects of their lives that we can have an impact upon.  Clare performs annual reviews upon our policies and documents and performs updates to these when necessary.  She is also available to support any of our team members or club members and can be contacted via the contacts page or her email address below.