Meet Our Instructors

  • Meraz Ahmed

    Meraz has been a student and teacher of Taijiquan and Qigong for over 20 years (and martial arts in general for more than 30 years) now heading up our Taijiquan sessions sharing his passion.

    He has particular interest in how training in Taijiquan (Taiji as a martial art) and Qigong (energy exercises) can:

    – Improve health and well being,
    – Develop calmness of mind and strength of character, and
    – Develop the energy system that can be used for training in martial arts

    Meraz has teaching experience and certification in the following martial arts:

    – Instructor in Yang Style Taijiquan and Qigong in the Huang Sheng Shyan lineage
    – Instructor in Yang Style Taijiquan and Qigong in the Sam Tam lineage
    – Black belt (1st Dan) Ki-Aikido, Ki Federation of GB
    – Instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association
    – Apprentice Instructor – Intermediate 1, JKD concepts, Jun Fan & Filipino Kali

    He is also a Registered Osteopath and Certified Medical Acupuncturist and specialises in treating difficult pelvic, spinal and joint injuries.
  • Phil Taylor

    Dojo Manager & Instructor


    Phil first took part in karate lessons in his youth, and as many do left it as a yellow belt to free up time for other pursuits.  Phil then returned to karate by joining a Bushido family class with his teenage daughter. Since then Phil has been a loyal and dedicated member, always supporting events and putting his all into his training, working his way up to being one of our most senior members.

    Phil now manages our Westminster Lodge adult dojo and assists with instructing in most sessions he attends.  Given his high pressured management career within the banking sector, it is impressive that he still maintains his training and attendance.

  • Jim Walsh

    Assistant Instructor


    Jim came late in life to Karate, although as a student he briefly trained in Ju-Jitsu and learned some basic self-defence locks and throwing techniques. With his wife and two children training in martial arts at Bushido, Jim is now enjoying a shared family activity with the benefits of physical health and continued mental learning. He also sees being an Assistant Instructor at Bushido as a way to help those on the same journey and hopes it will be a way to deepen his own understanding of Karate.

    Whilst studying for his PhD in American abstract art, Jim travelled extensively across the United States, researching at the Smithsonian Institute and all the major art galleries and museums. Since then he has worked in the arts and charity sector and is currently the CEO of an arts venue with library in Holborn.

    Outside of work and the dojo, Jim enjoys walking, reading, thinking and listening to blues, jazz, reggae and rock.

  • Chris Bloomfield

    Assistant Instructor


    Although learning karate had always been a childhood ambition, Chris only started training in 2012 with his family, after seeing an article in the local press. Chris enjoys the all round activity that karate provides. He currently supports the club by teaching basics to the new students, as well as acting as our club photographer and providing all official photography for the association.