Joe Pletersky Biography

Joe began his martial arts career aged 18 in Wu Shu Kung Fu where he gained a green sash. Following a trial session in Budo Self Defence with Barrie Lowther (also a recognised Bushido Martial Arts Association Instructor), he switched his attention to that class until the club closed.

Joe then studied Judo up until yellow belt before trying Karate. A year was spent in Goju Kai before moving on to Shotokan where Joe found his strength and size could be put to great use.

Over the following years, Joe graded up to 1st Kyu within the A.S.K.A. while achieving numerous levels of success in competition, both nationally and internationally. After a break from martial arts, Joe visited Bushido in 2002 to view us as a potential club for his daughter… after viewing one session he joined himself and has been a supportive senior member of the association ever since.

Following the gaining of his well earned black belt, Joe also dabbled with Jiu Jitsu to further his knowledge. At 6’5″ tall, Joe is certainly not the size that Karate was originally designed for, but he is a great advocate of building your own martial art from your knowledge and ability to make it work for you.

Joe now concentrates his efforts on our Krav Maga and application based activities.  Joe runs the Krav Maga classes, utilising all of his background experience in addition to what he now learns training with ICCS.  He can also regularly be seen coaching in our Monday night karate classes, usually assisting our more senior members with their kumite.