Meet Our Instructors

  • Kevin Archibald

    Chief Instructor & Founder



    As Chief Instructor and Founder of the BMAA, Kevin is responsible for the initial vision and intentions of the organisation.

    Along with ensuring the safety of all members, support for all instructors and running classes and seminars, it is also Kevin’s role to ensure the organisation is heading in the right direction.

    The standard of instruction and consistency within the association are Kevin’s highest priorities, these aspects are what set us apart from others and ensure all members have the opportunity to get the best out of themselves.

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  • Joe Pletersky

    Assistant Chief Instructor




    Joe Pletersky is the Assistant Chief Instructor of the association.

    Joe’s support and knowledge truly helps us set ourselves apart from other organisations, with a wealth of knowledge gained over many years Joe is always there to help other members and instructors.

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  • Dessi Walsh

    Assistant Instructor


    Dessi started with Bushido Hombu in 2015 after completing a 6-week ladies’ self-defence course run by Kevin Archibald Sensei. Even though her initial motivation was mainly the self-defence aspect of karate, what has fascinated her ever since is how karate can work as a way of approaching and understanding life, a mindset which leads us to develop ourselves as persons. She especially enjoys kata because it combines all sides of karate in discrete yet ever evolving self-contained forms.

    Dessi has spent most of her professional life around books, having worked in libraries and owned her own bookshop. Currently, however, she is focusing on completing her MA in Continental Philosophy.

    Outside of karate Dessi enjoys music, art, walking and hiking and being closer to nature and further away from the urban way of life.


  • Martin Supak

    Dojo Manager & Instructor


    Martin Supak started karate as a complete beginner, with a keen interest in the self-defence aspects. After achieving the senior grade of 3rd Kyu Brown Belt, Martin began assisting more in the clubs and sharing what he had learnt with the younger students.  The enjoyment he gained from this aspect of being a club member surprised Martin and inspired him to take on more responsibility with the dojo.  Martin is now a Hombu dojo manager, responsible for instructing sessions and the management of several venues.