Ross – Hombu Member

I’ve been training under Kevin Archibald since November 2012. I’m very pleased that for my path to learning karate I found and joined this club. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the best.

Kevin is very friendly to all his students and colleagues but at the same time radiates authority especially through being respectful to everyone and his display of top form and skill. He treats everyone as equal and equally and promotes the same behaviour in his students.

He is a great motivator, his enthusiasm for martial arts inspires children as well as adults.  Kevin leads his students towards perfection, not only physical fitness and form but also perfection of mind and character.

During the classes and the invaluable Self-defence seminars Kevin follows very strict health and safety rules, maintaining an injury free dojo environment.

I’m looking forward to seeing all his plans and visions involving the spreading of popularity of karate, promoting fitness and giving youth an amazing opportunity to train and choose a healthy lifestyle coming to life and I hope to be part of them.