Richard – Hombu Member

Kevin Archibald is a rare and exceptional instructor; his martial arts knowledge and competence are phenomenal and he produces students of the highest calibre.

Throughout my time training with Kevin, I have been supported far beyond what I would expect of any ordinary club, being given the opportunity to excel through the instructor training program. Having been given, through this program, an insight into the administration and running of the club, I can attest that Kevin scrupulously ensures the safety of every student whether it be by continuously ensuring instructors are up to date on first aid qualifications, or through the creation of the child protection policy.

As for the in-class experience, lessons are engaging, fun and, most importantly, different. Kevin does not prescribe to the endless repetition of traditional techniques that many associate with karate but instead finds new and inventive ways to teach the syllabus. The results are students who have a better understanding and physical ability than those trained elsewhere, but who have thoroughly enjoyed the process of getting there.

This is the direction karate needs to go in – something the rest of the karate community is starting to realise – though Kevin has already been saying for nearly 20 years.