Andrew – Father of Hombu Junior Member

I am a father of 2 children training at Kevin Archibald’s Bushido Karate session on a Monday afternoon/evening and I am amazed how well they are doing and how quick that they have picked up on there moves and there concentration, I am sure its not just the Karate sessions and more to do with the entertainment from the trainers and the patience that they have with the children.

I always drop the children off and sit within the sessions with them while they do there thing and I never feel worried and stressed for the kids as they enjoy it so much and the health and safety aspect seems one of there main interests within the sessions. They are never asked to do something they cant do or don’t feel comfortable doing and more to the point is that they are not scared of the trainers and have a very good relationship with them which I think helps amazingly with there confidant’s to learn quicker.

I would most definitely recommend this club and the trainers who run with/under Kevin.

Many thanks to all at Bushido