Adam – Hombu Family Member

My son joined the club as he had suffered enormously with bullying at his school, and we wanted him to rebuild his confidence and feel he could move forward to control his own situation. We looked at many different clubs and activities including boxing, judo and karate.
Eventually and after much research we settled on bushido hombu. We did this primarily as the instructors Kevin, Karly and Richard run several different classes and seem to focus far more on the needs of the pupils and that pupils own strengths rather an entirely prescriptive teaching of technique with no flexibility to build up a practical application. We found each individual class has its own atmosphere/ethos so you should easily find class that suits your own learning preference if you would like to try the club.
Extra seminars are run each month covering a variety of topics, this helps keep your motivation going as you’ll cover things you’ve never done before from age related general self defence, bo staff training, through to Krav Maga.
After 14 months my son is due to grade to achieve his green belt, but more importantly, he is happier and feeling more positive. Because of this I decided like many of the parents rather than just sitting there and waiting for the class to end I have joined the club, and signed up the two younger brothers (four of us in total….poor kevin).