Will I get hurt?

To answer this we need to define “hurt”. Any physical activity can result in pain, ballet dancers will go home covered in bruises and aches, etc. Yes you are likely to occasionally ache or be sore after training, especially when concentrating on one thing in a session or doing something new. Yes you probably will go home with bruised forearms and shins every so often for the first few years. Every precaution possible is taken to ensure that you will not get hurt any more seriously than this, however this is a martial art and especially when you are training with a partner there can be accidents. In nearly 30 years of training the Chief Instructor of Bushido has seen many minor injuries to toes and fingers that have required some medical attention, but never what he would call a serious injury. He bases this on a high standard of instruction and a good level of control over who is accepted into classes. All Bushido classes are run on a zero tolerance basis, any aggression or abuse shown to another member or instructor results in immediate suspension from the association. Suspended members may apply to the Chief Instructor for one second chance, which would then be discussed with the class instructor and any other members that were involved in the incident.