Meet Our Instructors

  • Clare Hemming-Nash

    Child Welfare Officer

    Clare Hemming-Nash is a former Assistant Head at a local primary school, always having worked in challenging areas and schools.  She is therefore no stranger to welfare issues and fully understands best practice.

    Although Bushido Hombu have never experienced any issues, it is our intent to always ensure that our members are safe in all aspects of their lives that we can have an impact upon.  Clare performs annual reviews upon our policies and documents and performs updates to these when necessary.  She is also available to support any of our team members or club members and can be contacted via the contacts page or her email address below.

  • David Hellyer

    Marketing Advisor









    David Hellyer has a successful career as a Marketing Professional, in this vein BMAA is very lucky to have him as our lead for marketing and advertising.

    Through David’s long term membership of BMAA he understands the aims and intentions of the organisation and is therefore perfectly placed to advise and make decisions about how we promote ourselves.

  • Karly Archibald

    Administration Manager









    Karly is the essential cog in the organisation that makes things happen.  Responsible for all administration and coordination within the association.

    Karly is also responsible for the day to day running of the main Hombu Dojo, leaving Kevin to concentrate upon teaching, planning and the growth of the organisation.


  • Kevin Archibald

    Chief Instructor & Founder


    As Chief Instructor and Founder of the BMAA, Kevin is responsible for the initial vision and intentions of the organisation.

    Along with ensuring the safety of all members, support for all instructors and running classes and seminars, it is also Kevin’s role to ensure the organisation is heading in the right direction.

    The standard of instruction and consistency within the association are Kevin’s highest priorities, these aspects are what set us apart from others and ensure all members have the opportunity to get the best out of themselves.

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  • Joe Pletersky

    Assistant Chief Instructor









    Joe Pletersky is the Assistant Chief Instructor of the association.

    Joe’s support and knowledge truly helps us set ourselves apart from other organisations, with a wealth of knowledge gained over many years Joe is always there to help other members and instructors.

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  • Martin Supak

    Dojo Manager & Instructor


    Martin Supak started karate as a complete beginner, with a keen interest in the self-defence aspects. After achieving the senior grade of 3rd Kyu Brown Belt, Martin began assisting more in the clubs and sharing what he had learnt with the younger students.  The enjoyment he gained from this aspect of being a club member surprised Martin and inspired him to take on more responsibility with the dojo.  Martin is now a Hombu dojo manager, responsible for instructing sessions and the management of several venues.

  • Phil Taylor

    Dojo Manager & Instructor


    Phil first took part in karate lessons in his youth, and as many do left it as a yellow belt to free up time for other pursuits.  Phil then returned to karate by joining a Bushido family class with his teenage daughter. Since then Phil has been a loyal and dedicated member, always supporting events and putting his all into his training, working his way up to being one of our most senior members.

    Phil now manages our Westminster Lodge adult dojo and assists with instructing in most sessions he attends.  Given his high pressured management career within the banking sector, it is impressive that he still maintains his training and attendance.

  • Chris Bloomfield

    Assistant Instructor

    Although learning karate had always been a childhood ambition, Chris only started training in 2012 with his family, after seeing an article in the local press. Chris enjoys the all round activity that karate provides. He currently supports the club by teaching basics to the new students, as well as acting as our club photographer and providing all official photography for the association.